Joule Thief Cat

An adorable but mischievous cat who feeds on electricity, using every bit of energy left in discharged batteries.

An energy harvesting friend

Insert your discharged AA battery from your remote controller, multimeter, or other appliances, to give it a second life and light up the eyes of the Cat! But first you must help him get his parts back in place!

The Joule Thief Cat is a beginner-friendly soldering kit. All the parts are through-hole, and are included.

Find the assembly instructions below!

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Parts list:

QTY Part Reference (all parts are through-hole)
2 Yellow LEDs Flat
1 Transistor NPN
1 Capacitor 10nF
1 Resistor 360 ohms
1 Ferrite
2 Wires solid core ~ 24AWG 20cm
1 Battery holder single AA battery holder