Tyrannopixelus Rex - CL_002

You might have met him before, when WiFi wasn't working at home on a train journey in the middle of the countryside.

A pin of your shirt or SAO for your electronic badge

At the flip of a switch, his eye will happily blink different colors~

The friendly dinosaur can be built in two ways, a pin powered by a CR2032 battery or as an electronic badge addon.

Parts to build both versions are included in the kit.

Assembly instruction and parts list found bellow.

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Pin mode:

Badge addon mode:

Parts list:

QTY Part Reference
1 RGB blinking LED 0805
1 Resistor 0805 ~1KΩ
1 Battery holder Keystone 3002
1 Switch SPDT PCM12
1 SAO header 2x2 SMD 2.54mm pin header
1 Butterfly Clasp Pin