MCH2022 Butterfly SAO

The MCH2022 Butterfly as a badge addon~

Soldering instruction

Here is a reference of the back for soldering. All the part are straightforward apart from the LEDs, just watch out for the EEPROM dot!

Orientation for the LEDs:

Soldering tips

Start by soldering the corners of the LEDs highlighted in yellow, they are easier and it makes soldering the rest easier.

1) Put a blob of solder down
2) Solder the LED reverse mount with the right orientation
3) Solder the rest of the LED pads carefully!
⚠️ The lack of soldermask makes it trickier than it looks... Here are some location that bridge easily!

Badge App

First update the firmware by pressing "OS update" in the main menu  

Second go to "Hatchery > ESP32 native binaries > Hardware > MCH2022 Butterfly [~]" which will install the app  

Third return to the home screen, go to "Apps" and launch "MCH2022 Butterfly [~]"!